Regadera (water pot)

January 13th, 2010 | Posted by nicarius in Drawings
Regadera (water pot) - drawing by Nico whittaker

Regadera (water pot) - click image to enlarge

This is Horacio.
He was one of the security guards when I used to work for ESPN Sur, the South American branch of ESPN about 10 years ago.
The guys used to call him “Regadera” which means “water pot” because he would miss the toilet seat every time.

Regadera II (Water Pot II) - drawing by Nico Whittaker

Regadera II (Water Pot II) - click image to enlarge

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  • Alexander Supertramp says:

    This reminded me of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    In Season 7 – chapter 6, Larry causes a “miracle” to occur, when he accidentally shoots a drop on the eye of a Jesus’ painting that is hanging next to the toilet.
    By the way, in relation to your more recent post “Is this Art?”… how would that count?
    After all, if Pricasso can paint with it…

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