5 pm.

January 25th, 2010 | Posted by nicarius in Digital Art | Places

5 P.M.

This image is based on a series of photos I took from the bridge that crosses Av. Libertador by the Facultad de Derecho (Law University) in Buenos Aires, Argentina about 12 years ago.
Same technique as usual, photography painted with a digital tablet, this one was printed on canvas.

5 pm. is the rush hour. I was standing still on the bridge, watching how thousands of people were running crazy, desperate to get back home. It felt like something was chasing after them. It’s always like that. If you step away from the collective motion of the rest of the world and become just an observer you slowly start getting that “watching a movie” feeling, like when you step down of the bus or the train. You’ll notice how many people are willing to risk their lives (or others) just to catch a green light or to get home 2 minutes earlier. And I’m no different, no better nor worse. I blend in, and start acting like a wild animal, always trying to get somewhere first. There’s too little to gain but too much to lose. Last year I was in a car accident. I messed up my left arm, nothing serious really. It cost me some pain and about $2,000. My arm is now fine, my car is fixed but my brain remains the same. I haven’t learned anything. Human nature I guess, short memory, or like my father likes to call it, “selective memory”, when our mind chooses to remember only the pleasant memories only and hides the nasty ones.

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