New Surfaces – December 14th

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New Surfaces


New Surfaces, an upcoming art exhibition, will feature new artwork by seven currently based Texas artists. Five artists from the Montrose Art Society, a Houston based artist collective, and an additional two guest artists collaborated in this new project venture that seeks to create a unique dialogue between the artwork that is being displayed on the walls and that which is occupying the entire gallery space. New Surfaces will reflect the respective processes and mediums of each artist and will include paintings, drawings, sculptures, and video installations that will examine a variety of themes including the automatism of lines, cultural influences, and the synthesis of space and time.

Featured artists include: Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola, Carlos Pozo, Angel Quesada, Raul Gonzalez, Tony Parana, Eduardo Portillo, Nico Whittaker, and Kylene Vasquez

The opening reception will be Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at the MAS Alternative Exhibition Space located at 1824 Spring Street, Studio 227, Houston, Texas, 77007. Light refreshments will be available.

Carlos Pozo

“The opening reception will feature a live collaboration between Pablo Gimenez Zapiola (video projections) and Carlos Pozo (ambient sound).

Carlos Pozo makes slowly evolving ambient soundscapes using a mix of abstract electric drones and pulses with melodic loops and field recordings.

Though generally working separately, Pozo’s sounds seem to sync uncannily when performed alongside Giménez Zapiola’s projected images. Both artists share an interest in clean simplicity as well as a low key search for beauty and the sublime.”

Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola

Early on in life Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola developed a particular interest in art and aesthetics, which led him to experiment with diverse visual expression techniques to develop and express his ideas. He learned composition and the subtlety and richness of color through painting. Photography allowed him for BW darkroom experimentation and to capture reality in a variety of ways. Finally, architecture gave him the knowledge of function and the skills for assemblage and 3D visualization. After completing his degree in architecture, he gained some working experience that led him toward graphic design. This combination of backgrounds taught him to understand art as a way of enhancing meaning in life and at the same time provided him a broader spectrum of resources to draw from and greater freedom to create. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Argentina; Espacio Buenos Aires, Fundación Hampatu, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Espacio Ecléctico – Buenos Aires, and the US; Schneider Gallery, Chicago – Museum of Contemporary Arts, Redline – Denver, Colorado – LeHigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – Contemporary Arts Museum, De Santos Gallery, Houston Center for Photography, Labotanica, Art Crawl, Project Raw Houses, Diverse Works, Talento Bilingüe, Houston, Texas – ArtHouse, Austin, Texas – Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, Oregon – LACDA, Los Angeles, California, as well as featured on art and photography blogs. His work is part of private collections in Argentina, UK and the US.

Raul Gonzalez

Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Raul Gonzalez began drawing at an early age and had his first art training in high school where He won local drawing competitions. He attended Washington University in St. Louis from 1999-2001, where he studied Graphic and Fine Art. Upon returning to Houston in 2001, he found himself working several jobs throughout the Houston area. He later decided to return to school and enrolled in Lone Star College. After 3 years of being a part-time student, he transferred to the University of Houston, where he found his passion for painting. In 2010 he received his Bachelors of Fine Art and became a member of the Montrose Art Society. In 2012, Raul moved to San Antonio to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he is pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts degree. His work has been exhibited throughout Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Del Rio, Los Angeles, Kalamazoo,Michigan and Lake Charles, LA. His artwork has been placed into several notable public collections: San Antonio Museum of Art, Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, University of Texas at San Antonio, Capital One Financial Services in Plano, Texas.

Nico Whittaker

There’s different aspects on my body of work in which I employ different techniques. One is the “traditional” one where I work mainly from whatever goes through inside my head. Most of it is symbolic-figurative- some might be dark or grotesque. I use dry and wet media. Some collage too.

Another one is more about landscapes though I have a series of portraits where I experimented with digital collage. The landscape technique is based on my photography and painted over using a digital board and an optical pen.

My current work as of 2013 is exploring the purity and abstraction of the black fine line on large white paper.

I guess that all I try to do in my art is in some way show who I am, who I used to be, what happened to me and what the future could look like through my eyes. Past, present, future. What I am afraid of, what do I love, how I see the world and everything in it, what things affect me more, my suffering and my happiness as well.

Kylene Vasquez

Kylene Vasquez is a contemporary Mexican-American artist living and working out of the greater Houston area. Vasquez is originally from the Rio Grande Valley, but has called Houston home for the past 18 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Painting with a minor in English, after graduating with Honors from the University of Houston in the fall of 2011.

Fascinated with the ideas of inspiration, stimulation, and creation Vasquez demonstrates her learning process through a wide range of drawing and painting series. In these series, Vasquez combines various processes that include layers, lines, spills, and splashes that depict how art is constantly revolving and evolving. Vasquez considers the communicated ideas of inspiration, stimulation, and creation as creative forces and believes that without the initial ability to be inspired, there would be no creation of any sort.

As a previous lead counselor Vasquez enjoyed the opportunity to share her passion for the arts with children that better expressed their own ideas and creativity through various art mediums. Vasquez is currently an active member of the Montrose Art Society and the project and events coordinator for this Houston based artist collective, which strives to help emerging artists in the area.

Last year in October, the Montrose Art Society decided to host an exhibition called “Across The Line”. It was based on Edu Portillos’s idea of showing mostly line-work art. I jumped straight into it and started working and soon enough I was feeling very motivated with the concept and developing a whole new body of work, notably different from my previous work since my medium was black pigmented ink on white matte paper. During the show, I had very good feedback and comments (and a couple of sales…thank you!). After this 2013 came and we had in February a new exhibition called “Quattro”. As I continued developing the  series, I presented new pieces following the”Across The Line” concept. And again, the public response was great and I made some more sales, thank you again collectors! Since then, I kept exploring the same concept, I really fell in love with it.

Here’s some images of the shows:

The “Across The Line ” series:

Some detail shots:

All images are copyrighted ©Nico Whittaker

Comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged.

Hope you like it.


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Montrose Art Society is gearing up for their first big show of the year on Saturday, March 9th from 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm. We’re located in Studio #227 aka MAS Alternative Exhibition Space (second floor) inside Spring Street Studios (1824 Spring Street Houston, Texas 77007).

QUATTRO will feature artwork by Tony Paraná, Eduardo Portillo, Nico Whittaker, and Kylene Vasquez!

Feel free to check it out if you’re in the area! Also, don’t hesitate to invite others! There will be some light refreshments, music, and great artwork to see and/or purchase! In addition to having work exhibited, we will also have some artwork give away, something you don’t want to miss. We will also share information on upcoming classes we’re going to begin offering to the public and different events we’ll be hosting throughout the year. Hope to see you there!

Free admission.

Across The Line, October 27

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iFest will be spotlighting Argentina this year and I was invited as a guest artist to be at the Argentinean exhibit. It is an honor for me and I’m very exited. See you there!

Date: April 21-22 & April 28-29, 11AM- 8PM

iFest website here.

iFest flyer

Portraiture Show

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Clips from Montrose Art Society’s “Portraiture Show”, November 5th, 2011, where I was the Featured Artist.



Los Muertos Andan Entre Nosotros

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This is the drawing I submitted to Talento Bilingue de Houston for “Drawn Out of Death” exhibit, in celebration for Dia de los Muertos.

Los Muertos Andan Entre Nosotros - image

Los Muertos Andan Entre Nosotros

“Los Muertos Andan Entre Nosotros”

Pen and ink on 2 Ply Canson Bristol Paper 11″ x 14″

Drawn Out Death

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Starting November 3rd (Reception) I will be participating on this event

Drawn Out Death image

"Untitled" by Kini Chris Cooke (Graphite on paper)

An exhibition of drawings curated by Rolando Reyna & Angel Quesada in Celebration of Dia de los muertos

Nov 3-Nov 27

Artist Reception Thursday November 3, 7-10pm

An exhibition featuring drawings by over 75 artists

Music by Nick Gaitan & his Calaveras


TBH Center proudly celebrates its Fall Art Season with artworks by over seventy artists in an ambitious exhibit of drawings, and prints reflecting on the theme of death. Just in time for the Day of the Dead observances held across Houston, TBH offers its own unique twist of honoring the dead. A special musical performance by Nick Gaitan and His Calaveras will take place during the artist’s reception November 3rd at 8pm.

The title of the exhibition, “DRAWN OUT DEATH,” is a play on words. Using the theme of death as the point of departure, the curators came to a place of agreement. “I wanted to start from the opposite side of seeing life” says curator Rolando Reyna.

“Using death as a starting point one could discover new ways of looking at the evidence of a life lived”- adds co-curator Angel Quesada. The exhibition had to be shrunk from the original concept. “Initially we wanted to exhibit one thousand drawings however, once we realized that this would be extremely challenging due to space we shot for a smaller exhibition with many quality artists,” muses Quesada “there’s always next year!”

Work Description

The invitational exhibition has a strong Texas representation (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Del Rio, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Dallas, Brownsville) and some artists from New York & Mexico. The total number comes to over seventy artists participating in this large exhibition of artworks which use drawing in their process. Some artists are using pen and ink, others pastel, some use needle and thread and some employ glass. Works are priced to sell $50 to $500 and, as a collection, is a well balanced display of emerging and established artists who use drawing regularly in their art process.

The exhibition, “Drawn Out Death” employs exclusively the artistic mode of drawing and is part of TBH's celebration of Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) during the 2011-12 TBH Visual Arts Season Program Calendar. Exhibition runs November 3 - November 27, 2011.


When I close My Eyes

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When I Close My Eyes

When I Close My Eyes


When I Close My Eyes

Acrylic and oil based pencil on wood panel.

This is one of the new pieces I showed at my solo exhibition at East End Studio Gallery.

The Many Faces Of Nico Whittaker Art Show image

Come and have fun at the opening on East End Studio Gallery.
Art Show featuring Houston artist Nico Whittaker.
Friday September 16th, 6 to 9pm.
708 Suite C, Telephone Rd., Houston, TX  77023